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Whether you're facing a misdemeanor marijuana possession charge or a felony distribution, our attorneys have the skill, experience, and determination to fight for you.

When fighting most drug cases, our analysis starts with the legality of the search and seizure leading to your arrest. Constitutional protections are in place for a purpose, and over-zealous law enforcement officers can occasionally skip a few necessary steps in their determination to make an arrest. At IWantMyPhoneCall.com, we start at the very beginning and comb through every single piece of discovery available to dig out any and all Constitutional violations that have occurred.

Next we look at other key circumstances and issues in your unique case. Were there witnesses? Was the evidence properly handled? What types of lab tests and reports are available? Were the drugs found in a house, or a car, or on your person?

Once we have a grasp on all the different aspects and angles of your case, we can decide the next best steps through thorough research and legal analysis. Your team will discuss with you the strengths and weaknesses of your case, potential outcomes, any plea offers, and the different strategies that are available, so that you can make an informed decision about how your case is being handled and what steps you want us to take.

We fight for you the way we would fight for our own selves, and work ruthlessly to get the best possible outcome for you.

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